i am wendy;
jongin is my peter pan
chanyeol & sehun are the lost boys.

Sehun + Kawaii ٩(´Д` ;)۶:.* 

I'm really sad that your are leaving the exo fandom ;-; but yes I understand that you get really tired by all the shit that's been happening lately. what will happen to this blog?? will you leave? </3

ill be more active at my sideblog and twitter.

aww ive noticed that you've been posting less lately :( thats too bad.. you were a super chill person in the fandom. it is such a shame that the exo fandom is a mess. are you closing your tumblr tho? cuz you have some nice links!!

nope ill leave my blog here.. till my queue runs out then yeah .. lol

Wwhaaatt sometimes I can never tell the difference between sarcasm and serious talk on the internet So you ARE 100% leaving the fandom + beautiful Jongin + EXO's amazingness + the lovely EXO-L's (they do exist!!)

tbh fandom shit and drama aside, its been a while back since i got really … meh … with sm’s artists and their music lol i just went for a yg concert ytd and wow i dont think i can ever go back to sm style music hahah