i am wendy;
jongin is my peter pan
chanyeol & sehun are the lost boys.

"Kai’s body is not very good, its not just the waist injury" "Kai’s waist might need an operation" How many people will believe that i actually shed tears when i read this. Kim Jongin, just how old are you to have a waist injury that requires you to go for an operation. People asked: "What do you admire about Kai?" with a tone filled with disdain. At the backstage, your waist was hurting so much that you dared not make much movements. However, you continued by pasting medical patches on your back and going up on stage to perform. I was wondering why you did not lift up your shirt that day and now i realised that you did not do so as you did not want us to see your injuries. At first, he was not very comfortable with the sexy image the company assigned him. He found it weird and disliked it. However he said "Its okay if its for the fans". Thus, you revealed your shoulders again and again and lifted up your shirt again and again. Kim jongin, can you please stop thinking for us and think for yourself for once? Its okay if you do not lift up your shirt or bare your shoulders. Seeing your shy smile will make us happy too. How do you withstand those unbearable pain? Being the same age as you, it is really hard to imagine. Are all these sufficient reasons as to why i admire him?

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