i am wendy;
jongin is my peter pan
chanyeol & sehun are the lost boys.

只因为是exo, just because it’s exo

Actually, they are just a bunch of kids. Actually, they shed a lot of tears and went through a lot of hardships behind the stage. Actually when they see negative comments about them, they will feel sad but in front of the fans,they are …

(more under cut)

forever smiley, never letting their depressed side show. They are very kind. When fans fall, they will feel very worried. Even though the manager is pushing them forward, they will still turn their head back from time to time to check on the fans. Although they are a new group, although there are many discussions and debates about them, they still worked very hard to show the happier side of themselves. If you are an anti, then i thank you. If its not for you, we will not have found out how much we actually love them, we will not have found out these good sides of them. We do not mind when you say those blunt words, as they are the best in our hearts. Because you do not love and know them, you talk negatively about them. It’s okay, there are a lot of fans. Maybe some will get into arguments with you, Maybe you will say the idol is responsible for the fan’s action. Then you need to know, we have many different ways of expressing our love for EXO. Your actions only caused dissatisfaction, not everyone can just smile and pretend nothing has happened. We do not allow any form of criticism towards them no matter who it is directed to. We may not have the right to make you guys like exo but also, you guys have no right to criticise them. You may say the EXO we like now are just a bunch of adolescents. I want to tell you, yes they are young, but do you know how much strength and warmth they have given to the fans? Although i am from junior high school, i have my own dream. Before i met EXO, i always thought that studying well and then living is the most important. But after i met EXO, then i know we have to work hard to fulfill our own dreams in order to not let ourself regret. Seeing suho persist for 7 years, krisyeol persist for 4 years plus, and those who persisted for one/two/three year. Also baekhyun and tao, their training time is short but the hardwork they put in is definitely not lesser than other people. As compared to the rest, they have to digest and practise the same things as those other old trainees in a short period of time. Do you know they are still a bunch of kids?!?! Everytime i see you guys criticise them, those uncomfortable words that are presented in front of my eyes, i will be in tears. My heart aches for them, i dont know how they will feel after seeing this, those kind kids.. will they be sad? but will they still act as if they are fine? Whenever i think of this, i will get really angry and then protect them as i am afraid that they will get to hear of these criticisms. I am not a fan of theirs since their debut. Because of this, whenever i see their photo, i will say i am really sorry for not being able to start protecting you guys earlier. Because they are EXO, they are our strength, and the EXO that supports our dreams.

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